I am Entatarina Simanjuntak, if you get difficulties to spell them, enta is enough,, But in case you are keen to call me tari, rina, tata, or ms simanjuntak, that also would be fine:)

If you ask me whom I admire in this world, but it doesn’t mean that I do idolatry before God, my answer will always be my mum, it also doesn’t mean that I hate my father. They both are the most significant people in my life. I admire my mom for her heart, care, understanding, support, love, etc to raise and nurture 7 children. My mom is the first person I talk to if I face any difficulties without exception from small things like how I look in wearing a dress to what she thinks about the guy whom I like :). It’s very comfortable to talk to her anything because any problems usually get bright and helpful solutions and suggestions. It is because she responds us her children wholeheartedly and lovingly. Many times I thank God for giving me such a great and perfect mom I think.

Not many places that I’ve been to, this is just a summary how I experienced many things in different places.

  • Balige. The place where i was born, learnt to walk and talk for the first time
  • Soposurung Foundation. A dorm where I spent my teen years and was taught to be disciplined in managing time.
  • Bandung. City where I got my bachelor degree. In this place I learnt to be truly independent.
  • Jakarta. City where I am working.
  • India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune). The places in which I met lots of friends from all around the world for the first time.
  • Sydney, Australia. I am taking my masters degree. Hopefully, I can complete it and go back to Indonesia.

If you’re interested in having contact with me, you can go through:

  • Yahoo (either yahoo messanger or email): entatari
  • Google talk: sentatarina
  • Facebook: simanjuntak
  • Friendster:
  • Hi5:

9 thoughts on “Personal

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      salam kenal juga ito sigop…:)
      waduh…saya pun tak bgitu pandai berkata2…makanya coba nulis di blog…:)
      mauliate ya ito udah singgah..:)

  1. Halo, kakak!
    salam kenal ya..
    Saya Dwi Hutapea..mahasiswa ITB juga, angkatan 2005.
    Saya dapet blog kakak ini dari blog-nya Bang Atur, Elektro 1998.
    Kebetulan saya juga tergabung di Navigator ITB…

    Tulisan kakak bagus-bagus..:)

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      Halo jg dwi…
      senang bkenalan sama dwi…
      o ya? wah 1 almamater brarti…:) sama2 di nav lagi, hedop nav!! hehe
      bah! ak malah ga tau blog bang atur…tapi barusan search lgs direcord di blog ini…:)

      thanks dwi udah maen ke blog ku…tar ak maen ke blog mu juga deh ya…:)

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