About this blog

This is the place where I express myself so boldly! By reading my posts, you can easily see  and understand my emotions; my scream, my cry, my hate, my good times, my happiness, and my distress. You can also find out my thoughts, feelings, and value in life.

The design: the design of this blog very much depends on my mood. I changed it many times to avoid me from feeling bored.

The themes of posts: I divided the posts into several themes, so please feel free to choose the theme you would like to read.

The language: I am using three languages; English, Indonesian (Bahasa), and Batak language (my local language). My apologise if many times I put inappropriate expression and/or gammar in English Posts.

The comments: please do leave comments if you find this blog interesting/helpful and/or boring/unhelpful. Any comments will be welcomed and appreciated…

best regards,



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