A Small Gift on Mamak’s Birthday

That morning, the sun seemed shy, hiding behind thin cloud. Nevertheless, gradually it felt warm. I leaned my back while observing the view from the right window of the moving car. My mum (we call her mamak) looked very excited and enthusiastic; this holiday was a small celebration for her 68th birthday.

Blowing out candles and praying together in the night before seemed not enough to express our joy over God’s gift and blessings for Mamak. My prayer was that she stayed healthy to enjoy God’s abundant blessings. “Happy birthday, Mak ‘, I whispered in her ear as I kissed her on her right and left cheeks. She replied with a smile full of sincerity, ‘Thank you, Boru’. As a small birthday gift for mamak, we were planning for a short vacation in Anyer.

On Mamak’s birthday

It took only 2.5 hours to reach Anyer from Bekasi. Time was still showing at 9:30 am when we reached Sanghyang Indah Spa Resort, the place where we would be staying for a couple of days. Two hours sooner than expected. Having failed to negotiate with the receptionist for early checking in, we decided to enjoy the resort instead. My nephews and nieces were screaming joyfully after the receptionist allowed them to use pool facilities; I and mamak chose a leisurely stroll to enjoy the beauty of the extensive resort. So many things we discussed while walking, including, of course, things about singleness!

swimming…we love water…!

Although to be honest we were a bit disappointed because the resort had no direct access to the sandy beach (which is actually a must thing to see in Anyer), the concept presented by the resort for resting place was still charming. Villas, amounting to no more than 50, lined up in few clusters; the cluster with sea view, the cluster with swimming pool view, and the cluster with garden view.

The courtyard of the hotel was characterised by a group of trees that stand upright on the green grass, coupled with an artificial lagoon treated with stone walls that were always slammed by ocean waves. The ambiance of the place was really beautiful and dramatic.

playing on the lagoon

Very thankful to God that in this short vacation all the family along with their respective families could participate. Actually, regardless of where it is, as long as we are among our beloved ones, we always feel home, don’t we?

The first day of the vacation filled with togetherness surrounded by the peaceful resort while the second day we spent whole day on the sandy beach 3 kms away. Kids were making sand castles and swimming at the little choppy shore, while I was busy capturing moments in hundreds of photos! Playing on the beach was more exciting when my eldest brother rented two banana boats and a jet ski. Some children looked delighted while some scared to drive the boats. I then suggested that each adult took care of one kid. There we were, driving boats for few rounds! My mamak chose to wait for the groups at the shore, with the face full of alert! Once the groups reached the shore, she felt relieved.

banana boating and jet skiing for few rounds!

What a fun short holiday! Hopefully this birthday gift could deepen the happiness of the birthday lady…:)

A Small Gift on Mamak’s Birthday

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