Java Jazz Festival 2015

I have 4 tickets of Saturday Java Jazz Festival, 2 for you in case you want to invite someone?“, Derma, my sister texted me in the mid severe afternoon slump! “What a news!” I cried out. On the one hand, I was excited, but on the other hand I was perplexed about who to invite along. But, thank goodness I did not manage to find a friend, as coincidentally my mum came for a visit and finally the ticket fell into her hands!

At 5 pm we reached the PRJ Kemayoran, after having spent almost an hour finding a parking spot. We walked in the midst of people who flocked along the pedestrian towards the entrance. At the entrance gate, the crowd looked frustratingly queuing up. Fortunately, our tickets got priorities from BNI who had special access, so no need to stand in a long line!

We hastened towards Infobooth for orientation and asking for a map. My fingers deftly touched buttons on my tablet searching for the event schedule on web and then matched it with the map. “Reza Artemevia will perform at BNI Hall A2 in two minutes!”, my sister, who was a fan of Reza  excitedly screamed. I was not actually fond of Reza’s songs, but I decided to join. I took some photos (a bit regretted not to bring my mini tripod) and enjoyed some of Reza’s greatest hits (Keabadian is one of the best), until finally I suggested the group to move to D1 Simpati Hall in which Lisa Ono would be on stage.

In the hubbub of the atmosphere, we rushed toward D1 Simpati Hall. The visitors began to fill the seats. Fortunately, we got good seats allowing us to see the whole stage. A few minutes before the show, I took time to read the profile of Lisa Ono in Wikipedia to get in tune with her musical genres and styles. The slow rhythm of her Bossa Nova songs, the tender musical instruments (especially guitar), and her charming smile made the room’s atmosphere romantic and beautiful.

Lisa Ono’s performing

I glanced toward my mother- she’s closing her eyes while smiling and wiggling her left feet; she really enjoyed the ambiance. As  a former coach of a church choir and soloist in her youth, my mother delights in every kind of music, even dangdut! The show of Lisa Ono ended beautifully with Bengawan Solo, an Indonesian song, expressed in a sweet jazzy style. The audience applauded with loud voice as their pride, as Indonesians, kindled!

We had to jostle our way to A3 BNI Hall, in which Tulus, one of the Indonesia’s current greatest pop singers would stage. My sister looked enthusiastic. But you know what happened? The A3 BNI Hall’s doors were closed because the room was already full. We and hundreds of others who had been queuing outside (like queuing groceries!) could no longer get in. My sister felt a bit disappointed, whereas I was feeling nothing to lose and inwardly preferred Chris Botti in D2 Main Stage.

In D2 Main Stage, Chris Botti had been drawing audience’s attention; it’s a shame that we missed his opening song. Thank goodness, there were still some seats unoccupied on the left wing. By his nimble fingers, Chris Botti’s trumpet soared astonishingly; what a performance! Beauty and romance were so pronounced. To complete his performance, he collaborated with two singers and a beautiful violinist, Caroline Campbell.

Chris Botti with his band and one of the singers

At the end of the show, Chris Botti’s drummer, Lee Pearson, presented a breathtaking performance. For about 15 minutes, he played drum sticks in constantly changing beats without being overwhelmed. The scene was much like Andrew playing drums in Whiplash! At the end of the performance, the audience shouted we want moreforcing Chris Botti to bring one more song When I Fall in Love‘. Chris Botti‘s stage became our favorite that night.

From Botti, my sister and her friend jumped to Afgan, another Indonesia’s pop artist in D1 Simpati Hall, while I and mum decided to see Meshell Ndegeocello, then Courtney Pine. In the middle of his performance, Courtney, amazing clarinet player, invited the audience to dance while he soulfully played his bass clarinet. Although the room wasn’t that full, Courtney managed to create a fresh and fun weather in the room.

2015-03-08 02.11.29
Courtney Pine playing his clarinet

At 22:30, we decided to go home. However, it felt imperfect to leave without taking some photos of us as a memento. We were looking for the best spot; A1 Tebs‘s wall seemed to be the best spot to capture the moment of the day. 🙂

2015-03-08 02.05.37

Java Jazz Festival 2015

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