Gratitude Journal – 3 days

Day 1 of 3

I was nominated by my friend Budi to write a gratitude journal in which I could remind myself of and share with you things that I’ve been thankful for. I realise that posting these three gratitute writings won’t be able to represent the fullness of God’s beautiful work in me. For the day-1 of this Gratitude Journal, I’d like to thank God for:

  1. Indonesia presidential inauguration day which was running really well and so peacefully. I remember a day before how people (including me ;p) worried about potential anarchist protesters and dangers that could possibly happen. But in fact, the ceremony and the celebration run smoothly and people could cheerfully welcome the new president and vice president.
  2. My officemates who have been working so hard and willingly staying in the office outside of normal working hours so that we could complete some books. These books were supposed to be done at the end of the year, but the new government leading to the change of the cabinet requires us to finish some works earlier (some books need the current Minister’s approval and signature before being distributed).
  3. My family, especially my mum who always support me and pray for me. Their sincere care and affection give me courage, particularly in difficult times. They are God’s greatest gifts to me.

Day 2 of 3

I’d like to thank God for:
People who have helped, supported, comforted, and prayed for me while walking in my path of life. They are all like angels sent by God from heaven. I know that by naming them one by one, I will miss so many names. But I still want to mention some names anyway, hoping that I can recall God’s grace and providence in my life through them.

My parents who have raised me very well and directed my life onto the right path; family who always loves me sincerely and unconditionally; Bapak TB Silalahi who gave me opportunity to be part of Soposurung Foundation Family in which I spent 3 years of high school and helped me develop good character and discipline; Hot, Raju, Adi Chandra and Pak Untung who gave me their blood through blood transfusion around 16 years ago, I dont know what would happen to me if God didn’t send them; Dewi Guna, a friend in high school, who often asked me to accompany her singing. Her beautiful voice always cheered up my gloomy days;

Kak Ina who has been like a big sister for me, helping me grow in faith and taking me to The Navigators (one of the christian fellowships in ITB) in which I learned the meaning of being a follower of Christ; Kak Tati, a sister with whom I spent much of my time in Bandung. We studied Urban and Regional Plannning together, we supported each other, and sometimes we sang songs in Christian fellowships; Ibu Tety Argo, my bachelor thesis supervisor, who encouraged me and gave me many ideas when I got stuck in my research;

Pelitans (church friends in Sydney) who have been like brothers dan sisters to me, especially Ci Lilis who always cared for my growth in faith, prayed for me when I was in despair (including when I broke up with my boyfriend!), and helped me read and understand The Bible correctly. Pak Made, a motorcycle taxi driver in Bali who took me to many places when I was doing a month survey for my master research; Simon Pinnegar, my master thesis supervisor, who helped me finish my research. I remember how he patiently supported me in writings and corrected my grammars too; Valentina who has been a good friend since our study in Planning UNSW. She is also a friend who strengthened me when in the first year of my study I got sad news from Indo that my father passed away. In this sorrowful moment of me, she was the person who was always beside me until I departed back to Indo;

Bu Hasna, a colleague who has been a boss as well as a friend to me since 2006; Lena, a church friend to whom I share my problems about singleness and about a guy to whom I put attention to :D; Budi and William with whom I learned how to continue to grow towards Christlikeness; Estevina who has been a friend with whom I learned about God’s words. I and Estevina spent more than one year to study God’s Word together and also to share problems of life in Jakarta until she married Andrew and went to Sydney for good;  Mas Anton, my classical guitar teacher, who patiently helps me in fingering and memorising musical note. I now can play easy songs when I am alone, especially on Saturday nights 😀

Day 3 of 3

I would like to thank God

  1. That in a week’s time I would complete 2014 office work’s agenda. I always thank God for my work team members; Tommy, Luhur, Iman, Menik, Meli, and Andri, who have been so dedicated and enthusiastic in undertaking the work, that at the end we successfully completed some books and proudly distributed them. There are some ambitions we still have in mind that hopefully next years we can achieve if our organization still exists. There are rumours that our division will be removed and merged with other divisions.
  1. That I’ll be home for Christmas! I can’t wait to be back to my hometown, spending Christmas and New Year’s holidays, gathering with families and friends while recalling nostalgic memories, and of course enjoying delicious local food, esp mie gomak Balige!
  1. That I will share happiness with my dear friend Bertha in her wedding day on 27th Dec! Their love story is truly beautiful. Hopefully one day I’ll also have such a wonderful love story too, haha
Gratitude Journal – 3 days

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