When you’re annoyed

There are various reactions of people when they’re really annoyed. Some might fight back against people that make them annoyed straight away, some choose to not be bothered too much, some say their complains in a good manner, and some might avoid to have contact with them.

The ability to wisely and patiently face annoying people is a talent. Some probably can stand if the frequency of being irritated by the same subjects is not too often, but if it happens every time when having contact with them, that surely leads you to be pissed off. Only those who have strong self control and are really patient can lovingly deal with them, blessed are they! I wish I could be one of them!

For those who do not have that kind of strong self control and loving kindness, these tips might help. Please do comment if you find those unhelpful. I would be very grateful if I could learn from what you experience and think.

When people make you very irritated and it seems that you cannot deal with them in a gently manner or you lose your peace whenever you associate with them, I suggest that you flee from that situation and leave them. Take sometime to get fresh air in a place in which things around are able to grab your mind.

People often say, just let it go and forget it, or keep calm and don’t let you lose happiness by such unimportant thing. But I tell you, sometimes it’s just so difficult to be that wise.

By being away from the situation for awhile, there is an opportunity to help you calm down, to avoid you from doing wrong responses, to let peace enter your mind and heart, and finally to forgive. This process can take several minutes, hours, days, or weeks. When situation is normal and you get your peace and you of course forgive, it is the time to start having contact with them again.

Now, what would you do when you’re away? The best thing you do is to pray for you and for them. Really, I couldn’t suggest other things better than praying. The true healing and peace are in Him.

Second, when you’re annoyed, remember that sometimes you might stand as an annoying person, intentionally or unintentionally. Forgiving and forgiveness are what everybody needs. Forgive because you’ve been forgiven.

The last but not the least, I would say that we cannot control other people’s actions and thoughts, because we do not have access to their heart and mind. The best we do is to control our own self. When people annoy you, you probably want to oppose them hoping that they will no longer annoy you, but there is no guarantee that they will be doing so. Therefore, focusing on your personal action and maintaining your own heart will be much more effective.

When you’re annoyed

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