Finding beauty in people?

This is one of my favorite stories to tell. It started 4 weeks ago when I was searching for a church close to where I was staying. A friend of mine then took me to a church called Scots International Church Rotterdam, very close to my dormitory, in which I met with a hospitable couple inviting us to their house, and was inspired by the conversation with the wife, Pamela.

On the first day I was joining the church, two nice ladies came to me and a friend of mine asking whether we were willing to serve for coffee/tea (during the chat time after the sermon) in the following week. Without hesitation we agreed and were willing to help. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure whether I would join that church or not during my stay in Rotterdam. But then, I decided to come again a week later. My decision to come again not only because I had to serve for coffee, but also  because the preaching was encouraging. It was about Joseph who retained his integrity as a servant of Pharaoh which then made him into jail after he refused the persuasion of Pharaoh’s wife. The story about Joseph became the serial preaching for the following weeks.

After a week later, as we promised, I and my friend did our job very well, serving for coffee and cleaning up after the chat time. It wasn’t as tough as I thought though; in fact it was nice meeting and serving people. A lady asking us for serving coffee, her name is Pamela, then invited us to have lunch in her house.

A week later, after the church, we headed off to Pamela’s house. Because there were eight of us invited, Steven (Pamela’s husband) caught metro with the guys while Pamela and the ladies went by car. We reached the house within 15 minutes, while the guys arrived 10 minutes later.  The house was nice, located in a peaceful place (not really countryside), close to shops and the metro station. I love that place!

Pamela was then preparing for the table helped out by the ladies. She cooked many dishes, France dishes for appetizer, rice and roasted chicken with nut sauce for main dish, and apple pie and ice cream for dessert.  We really had big lunch at that time. During the lunch we had long chats, talking about many things. As us invited come from different countries, the chats were around different culture in Africa, Indonesia, and Philippine. It was a really nice and long lunch!


After the lunch, we then walked around Steven’s workshop room. Steven likes to make unique furniture and design jewelries. Pamela showed us her gorgeous silver jewelries designed by Steven. They are such a compatible and happy couple!

We planned to make some walks around the neighborhood, but it was too late. We then took leave, Pamela and Steven accompanied us to the metro station. Along the way, I and Pamela had a quite long chat. She is really a nice and wise lady. Our conversation remained in my head until now. One of the things that made me really think was that when I said I like her house and its peaceful countryside, she smiled and said ‘well, yes, many people like countryside and its peaceful beauty, but I prefer looking at people, talking to them, spending time with them. I like countryside and nature, yes of course, but I really enjoy looking at people’s houses, what they are doing, what they are thinking.’ What a lovely and warm heart she has. She prefers beauty in people rather than beauty of nature.

On the way back, my mind was full of this conversation and inevitably connected it with what was written in Genesis when God created man. God created nature and all that is in it, he said it was good. But when he created man, he said it was ‘very’ good. When there was man having dominion over the creature, God said it was very good. Creature is good, but it would be very good if the man being part of it. Pamela gave me insight and inspired me. She finds beauty in ‘a place’ where many cannot find…

Finding beauty in people?

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