IHS Carnival, What A Night!

Besides conducting academic activities, IHS also routinely arranges social events in which all students are invited to participate in. Since coming to IHS around three weeks ago, IHS Carnival was the first on campus social event I’ve been to. It was actually the third night ‘party’ conducted by IHS, but the first for new students.

The IHS Carnival was designed like the Dutch Carnival in which all the participants were wearing colorful dresses, masks, and hats. Everyone would decorate his/her own mask and hat, while IHS provided for the materials and also gave advice. It was very interesting to see how people decorated the mask in their own style and way. Some people were very excellent at decorating, while some were struggling. But, that was the unique and fun of the event. I have to admit that I am not good (read: poor) in decorating things. At first, I was really struggling and my mask was a disaster! But yea, instead of pitying myself of not being able to make a gorgeous mask, I kept decorating and spent hours to find ideas how to help my disaster mask. Sometimes good ideas are not coming up spontaneously and immediately.

DSC00006  DSC00008

Finished with mask, we also made our own hat. Well, for the hat, it wasn’t as difficult as making mask though. But to tell you, making the mask and hat was only small part of the party. As the concept of the carnival was a Dutch Tradition, we would choose one to become the Prince or Princess of Carnival who would rule carnival during the evening. After having a vote for some candidates, a Princess of Carnival was finally elected! She was actually a beautiful lady from Philippine. The program was going on and we ended up with dancing and having drinks and snacks. In the dancing part which really warmed us up in the cold winter, we learned Ghana Dancing and Dutch Dancing.

DSC00018 DSC00019

DSC00017 DSC00022

As that was the first party for new comers including me, we were very excited. There were lots of laughs and chats and it was really entertaining in the middle of tough (well, yea, though enough ;p) academic activities. We are all looking forward to the next similar event!

IHS Carnival, What A Night!

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