The first two weeks in Enschede, NL

Arrived on November 27, at 11.00 in the Enschede train station, I and Dela dragged our luggage to the ITC Hotel in which we’ll be staying for the next three months. It was an extraordinarily tiring journey that took around 16 hours time from Jakarta. The rest of the day was filled with an orientation accompanied by two friends (Fesly and Ari) showing us where to get mobile number, where to buy things, and where to get help if needed; they were like angels helping us settle, thanks guys!

Not until 2 weeks, Dela left Enschede because her mother was sick and taken to the hospital. Dela decided to terminate (temporarily?) the course because of that incident. Here I am surviving alone in the new environment, fortunately there are other Indonesian friends who I’m convinced will be good friends.

Two things that challenged me so much for the first two weeks were that I had to adjust with extremely cold weather and out-of-my-head-course materials; not yet mentioned other things also demanding adjustment like food, classmates, lecturers, life rhythm, time for shopping, daylights, etc. I thanked God that I didn’t get too exhausted with all that adjustment.

Concerning weather, it’s really cold but still manageable. I wear double warm cloths and cheap warm boots to protect me from the cold. Gloves and hats are other things useful. Heathers in every room are also helpful; the problems are only outside the buildings. This makes people reluctant to do activities outdoor.

About course material which is the hardest part for me to deal with, I managed to do more exercises, but it’s still ‘out of head’! Programming language is just too difficult as I don’t have any relevant background. Fortunately this programming thing is only part of the whole course if not small part. That’s relieving…

About excitement, yes definitely there was that feeling; new situation, new friends, new place always take us to that kind of feeling, but to be honest, it wasn’t as strong as I expected…

Friends, as I mentioned, are lots! They’re nice and helpful. Several days ago we had an event called Indonesian day in which I met many more Indo students and had good chats and sharing with them.

About life rhythm, even though I like this slow rhythm of life, I still need to adjust. Unlike Jakarta in which people look so hectic and always in a rush, here I found the life rhythm I always look for. Life is not only for work or study, but also for leisure activities.

Regarding classmates, I was a bit surprised and excited at the same time that most of my classmates are from developing countries, particularly from Africa. If in Sydney (UNSW), I have many friends from Asia and local people (Aussies), and in Jakarta most of friends are Indonesians, here, I’m having friends from Africa, isn’t it exciting? Having friends from all around the world is just so exciting!

About Christian fellowship, I feel like home as I have many friends in church both Indo friends and non Indo friends. Sharing the good works of God in life with other Christians is always encouraging. I hope in the coming weeks I will be attending a bible study community in church.

About food, it needs not so much adjustment as I can find Asian groceries and restaurants easily.

That’s all I can share with you this time…:)

The first two weeks in Enschede, NL

8 thoughts on “The first two weeks in Enschede, NL

  1. Hai Entaaaa…
    It’s seems that you are having so much fun there! My advice to you (plis deh, emang gue siapa yak hahaha) is to absorb that fun-ness as much as you can now, becoz before you know it, 11 weeks will have passed. And you surely still remember our pact about “hunting” after you get back home, right? 😉 😉

    Have a wonderful vacation, Enta dear! Looking forward to hear your story and most importantly, about bacin and mashut xixixi…

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      hehe..iya neng..lumayan fun…kalo ga dihubungkan sama kuliah ya memang benar2 fun..haha…nah itu dia..keknya aku tunggu di-hunted lah neng daripada nge-hunting..:D kalo ga ada yang meng-hunting juga, ya ‘anda belum beruntung lah’ haha..:D

      iya neng, pasti aku banyak cerita *sperti biasa mulutnya jamiron*:D
      thanks ya darling udah baca..:D

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      haha…dont be jealous is almost the same…not much different..:) winter collections? im thinking of how to carry them to indo..:)

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