Home Sweet Home–Part 1

I moved in to a new rented room (in Indo it’s called kost) around three weeks ago. I moved out of my previous rented room because it’s too far from my workplace making me spend too much time on home-to/from-work journey. The plan of moving out actually had been one of my urgent agendas since last year; however, finding a room as convenient as my previous room and friends as friendly as my previous housemates is not an easy task to do. Convenient room and nice friends really mean to me. I had to postpone moving out several times because it was really hard to leave the room in which I had been staying for around 5 years.

So, here I am, becoming a new dweller in a five storey house with other 50 occupants, so crowded! It’s far different with my previous room of a three storey house with only 9 occupants. The dwellers in the previous house were so close. I am afraid that won’t happen in the new house with 50 dwellers! To be honest, in terms of quality of friendship, I prefer my previous rented room, but in terms of distance from work, I prefer the later far better than the previous. Life is always a matter of choosing! One thing helping me to decide to move in to the new house is because besides near my workplace, it is very close to the church to which I and my sister always go. Therefore by staying there, we can save time of to/from-work journey and to/from-church journey. The time can be used to other useful activities.

I am staying with my sister in the second floor with other 12 friends on the same floor. The room is not that big but fortunately convenient enough. As new occupants, for the first week, I and my sister did not have much interaction with other housemates. They looked enjoyed of being alone and not having too much interaction with other housemates. However, in the later weeks, I decided to start conversation with some housemates. They were nice enough even though it felt a bit awkward. At that moment, I told myself to continue building friendship with them. Unfortunately, my sister does not have the same mind as mine. She insists to move out and seeks another house as she does not feel convenient particularly with the housemates. Even though I was not rejecting her request, I was still hoping to make friends with at least some of friends before we’re moving out (in case we finally move out).

Recently, communication between housemates in rented houses, particularly in Jakarta is valued as something unimportant. Being exhausted at work or outside activities makes the room or house is only a place for night sleep. Moreover, in most low-middle level rented houses as in which I am staying at the moment, facilities for social interaction among the dwellers are lacking, so that each dweller prefers to stay in their own room rather than to have chats with others.

Why is relationship with housemates still important? I remember in one of the TV programs, someone was found dead in her room without being known by anybody in the same rented house. That might be an extreme case, but still relationship, particularly with housemates, is so so important to be built.

Home Sweet Home–Part 1

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