My birthday wishes

I planned to write this post on my birthday, but an intensive training from workplace consumed most of my time making me not able to finish writing on time (writing in English is really time consuming!). This writing was then ready to be posted several days after my birthday. ***

I always expect to have much time on my birthday to reflect where I have been and what I am going to do. Even though I could do that anytime, but for me birthday is like a perfect time to make a review of life (sounds I am too melancholic!). Usually on that day my diary will be full of writings…:D

To be honest, realising that I am not that young anymore (far from sweet seventeen!), I was a bit nervous looking forward to my late twenties birthday…maybe that’s not too exaggerating to say that in this not-young-any-more age, almost all unmarried Indonesian women bear heavy pressures. If you are from Asian countries, you might understand what I meant, but I am not going to tell you the pressures one by one anyway…because I am not going to be focusing my post on this feeling, but on my prayer points.

There are several things I asked God on this birthday, people might say this ‘birthday wishes?’ I don’t mind to share some of them with you (of course they are not including too personal wishes, even though there are couples of them!). To make it easy to read, I will just point the things that I am asking for…If you read this and being willing to pray for me too, I will be very thankful. You could also leave your prayer points on the comments part, so that I could pray for you as well.

First thing I asked God was contentment for God’s providence. Contentment here is not only in terms of money matters or kind of stuff, but also in terms of every single aspect of my life.

Second wish was wisdom. Life is full of worldly wisdom leading me to be led astray. I was asking God that He would provide me His wisdom able to lead me to life.

Third wish was everlasting relationship with Him. I can do many ministries and good works, but not having a true relationship with God. Therefore I was asking God that I would not be focusing on things, but on Him.

The fourth wish was having a meaningful life. I always remember this statement ‘make your life meaningful’. Many times I asked myself what meaningful life means, who determines that something we are doing is meaningful; are they only things like Helping people? Doing ministry? Being a scientist? Being a doctor to postpone death? I suppose, we will never find the perfect answer if we don’t ask The One who makes the life itself, who owns the life and puts the meaning to life.

The fifth wish was being renewed day by day. This is inspired by the verse in the Bible ‘though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day (2 Cor 4:16)’. I am not a good person, that’s why I am asking God to renew my old self day by day.

I know these wishes are not specific. These will be my wishes on every birthday. I put these on my blog and my diary to remind me always of what I have asked God.

My birthday wishes

6 thoughts on “My birthday wishes

  1. naphel says:

    Thank you for the opportunuty to join you in your prayers. My humble submission is that the everlasting relationship with God is the most important of all the wishes. Other wishes would be taken care once there is true relationship with God.

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      thank you again naphel for visiting my blog…happy to hear from you…:D yes, that’s true, relationship with Him should be the first.

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