God’s Grace is Great

Grace is God showing goodness to persons who deserve only severity, and had no reasons to expect anything but severity. – J.I. Packer

Grace is showing kindness to others who do not earn or deserve it. Grace is always great. To understand how great God’s grace, we need to understand two things: first, sins and the consequences of sins; secondly, salvation and the goodness of it.

Lack of understanding of sins always makes us misunderstand or even underestimate God’s grace. Many people think that they are not too bad because they are not a murderer or a thief. If we go back to the story of Adam and Eve, they were sinning because they rebelled against God; they wanted to be god of themselves and disobeyed God’s commands. If you look closely to Gen 3, you’ll see that Eve’s eyes made her sinning. She obeyed evil and her eye’s desire rather than God’s command not to eat the fruit of the tree. Therefore, disobeying God’s commands is sin… So, sin is not only about killing people, but rebelled against God by ignoring His commands. Where then can we find God’s commands? The answer is ‘in your Bible’. Once we don’t do what God wants us to do, we are sinning. Can you see that God’s standard is too high for us? Nothing can we do to pass that standard.

What is then the consequence of sins? The answer is God’s wrath. God is Holy, so He hate sins so much. What is then God doing to the sinners? In Romans 1: 18-32, while the sinners are in this world, God ‘gave them up’ to their sins. When this thing happens, the sinners will be even further from God. I remember the parable in the bible about a son who asked for the inheritance from the father and went away. In the beginning, he felt so happy because he could do whatever he wanted to do. No father who controlled his life because the father was far away. However, at the end, he felt empty of his life; he then went back to the father. This parable shows us that no happiness apart from God. Happiness is only found in Him. Moreover, God’s wrath will be fully revealed in the Judgment Day in which everyone has to give account of their deeds while they are alive; no one will escape from this Day.

God knows that no one will escape from the Judgment Day as we all are unrighteous. However, the good news is that God himself saved us from His wrath by giving Jesus Christ as the propitiation of our sins. Jesus took our place to bear God’s wrath. We are totally unable to get away from God’s wrath, but God himself came to us and forgave us through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, the salvation from God’s wrath is not our work, but it’s Grace. We’re forgiven if we have faith in Jesus as our savior.

What then the goodness of this forgiveness? We, the sinners, now can come to God who is Holy; we can talk with him whenever and wherever we are. We can come to God who is great, merciful, loving, sovereign, and gracious. Isn’t it beautiful? Later, when the Day comes, we will be with Jesus forever and ever.

God’s Grace is Great

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