2012…it’s not the description of the end of the day!!

This afternoon I and three other friends watched 2012. You might have watched that, I guess. To be honest, at the beginning I didn’t want to watch that movie, I thought “why should I? If it’s about the end of the day, the Book of Revelation describes it very detail and trustworthy (I’m not focusing on this matter, but one thing for sure is that the gospel, in which the Book of Revelation can be found, is not without trustworthy evidence, you can refer to many writings and documentations about this). But then, I told myself ”I want to know how this movie describes ‘the end of the day’ apart from how the Gospel describes it”. Therefore, I decided to go, not because I am a fan of that kind of movie!

For sure, the movie is good in presenting the devastation and destruction of the world. To be honest, I stopped breathing in some sections of the movie. It looked so real!! During the movie there were some things coming into my mind. The first thing was how small and weak the man is, even he can be counted as nothing compared to the waves wiping out the earth! How blessed the man is that in his weaknesses and limitations he became the image of God. The second thing was that the advance in technology reached by the human civilisation does not seem to help much. It cannot stop the waves and the earthquake and the death anyway. So what is the purpose of the scientific achievement in this case? To save only small number of people? The third thing was that all people regardless rich or poor, black and white, young and old, male and female, CEO or lowest employee, Christian or non-Christian are all wiped out by the severe earthquake! No one can run away from this situation (except for some lucky people in this movie). Yes, that’s very true; there is no exception for the suffering and destruction in this fallen world. The difference will come after death. The fourth thing was that small number of people can be saved from the devastation. It looks a happy ending movie. But don’t you realise that finally all people saved in this movie just delay their death? They all will face death, that’s for sure!! And no one knows what happens after death, right? The fifth thing was that this movie must not about the end of the day. If it’s about the end of the day, there is no one who can run from it. You can find a very detail and complete description about the end of the day in the Book of Revelation. Well, for me, the movie is good to remind people that this world cannot offer you much, cannot save your body and soul. However, this movie does not give the viewers the true description about the end of the day. The end of the day will be about Christ as the Judge comes to this world and all people must give the account of their deeds.

After watching the movie, I wasn’t asking myself this question as many of my friends asked, ‘will it truly happen in 2012?’ Well, there is no one can answer it, is there? Even science cannot answer it, can it? Only God who knows everything and who is mighty and sovereign can answer that question. But if there is a question ‘will this world come to the end?’ I will confidently say ‘yes, it will’, that’s what I believe. Therefore, instead of bothering myself too much about the first question, I am rather asking myself ‘am I ready for the day to come?’ I am sure that all Christians in this world are longing for the day in which Christ comes to bring us to our ‘real home’.

2012…it’s not the description of the end of the day!!

6 thoughts on “2012…it’s not the description of the end of the day!!

  1. Locham says:

    I watchd the movie, it looks real and the main subject is the end of the world and how people will be so much desperate looking for help. its like death, when it comes non can stop it, whether in form of accident, sickness or horrific experience like in the movie. We shouldnt wait for 2012 or some other end of the world prophecies but for our own end [individual] because even in the movie its not the horror that kills but minute things like logs falling, bricks, water and waves forces, lightning etc. Like in todays world as we are watching, same things happen but in little numbers, but we feel terrified when earthquake hits a place and a large number of human beings killed. When end comes, it comes and none can be saved, if you cheat death, it will go around and come back later.

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      hi Locham,
      thank you for the comment…
      that’s true, we cant avoid physical death…it’s even the only thing certain in this world. the movie describes it so well…
      but, as a Christian, I’m given hope life after physical death.
      your final statement is definitely true ‘When end comes, it comes and none can be saved, if you cheat death, it will go around and come back later’. For us, Christian, physical death is not the end of everything…it’s even the beginning of another life…:D
      again thank you for your visit to this blog…:D

  2. did I read “twilight” somewhere?
    it’s about 2012 right? 😛

    I personally haven’t watch this movie yet. but I agree with you, it’s none of my business whether 2012 will be the end of the world or not – my thing is “am I ready or not?”

    one thing for sure: Everything That Has a Beginning, Has an End!
    it’s just a matter of time..

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      Hi sten…glad to meet you here again…thanks for the comments…it’s a good movie sten I think, at least it shows that this world is very faragile, so relying or hoping for this world is a very stupid thing to do…you should watch it with watchful thoughts and understand it with your bible opens (if you watch it in your room)…haha…so you can be guided by the Holy Spirit to not be deceived by the movie…

      i like your last statement…the beginning is only Him (Jesus) and the end is also only Him….so, all life is actually about Jesus.

  3. Victor Yaputra says:

    i would not want to equate the movie 2012 to the one in the Bible’s book of Revelation… in the book of Revelation, God is portrayed as the one who is in complete control… even the one who send the judgements…

    the movie, i think, just made a mockery of Christians (equated with the mayan, at best?)… and elevated a lot of humanism, just like most of other Holywood movies…

    and you are right, this world can’t offer much…

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      Thank you ko for the comments, yes, 2012 cannot be equated with the book of revelation for sure…the starting and ending point are not the same…

      about mockery of Christianity, I cannot make comment about that…seems so. For me, the movie is about how people desperately want to find the true salvation for the body and soul but they actually cannot find it in this world. The movie does not say that people can avoid death and it does not even touch issue about heaven or life after death. If the movie says that non-Christian people can avoid death (can live ever after like the Twilight one) and will live forever after death, that’s truly mocking Christianity!! But it does not.

      or they might want to mock Christianity but actually they fail?

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