Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, a striving after wind

First of all, I want to deliver my deepest condolence for people who suffer because of earthquake in Padang, Tsunami in Samoa, and typhoon flooding in the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos. It was such shocking news!

Couple of days ago, a friend of mine sent me some pictures of earthquake in Padang (one of the provinces in the Sumatra Island of Indonesia). Honestly, I took some time to breathe before seeing the pics because I was sure the pics would be very tragic…well that was true, the pics were so real!! I felt I was in the situation where the disaster happened. Dead body under the ruin of a house, pale feet showing that help coming too late, houses and other properties broken into pieces…nothing was left…nothing…everything was wiped out by the earthquake…could anyone fight against this evil earthquake? Where are the scientists? Where are the experts in geomorphology…in natural disaster mitigation, you said plenty of them!! Where are the environmentalists, you said they care about the nature!! Where are they all?

When this kind of thing is happening, people are not crying out to the scientists, to the experts, to science to condemn them, to say that they don’t do their job well… but instead, to God!! Many people asking, where is God when this bad thing happens? Why is He silent? Isn’t He God who is in control of everything?? Where is He? Some even decide to refuse to believe Him because his absence. Human…human…how many times these things happen but we don’t yet understand?? This is the fallen world in which all sufferings and disasters will take place, in which all the tears will not stop falling, in which all hope changes to be hopelessness…why do we still trust in this world, rely in this world, hope for this world?

Don’t we see all the properties were wiped out in seconds, let say in minutes to make it un-exaggerating? We spent years and years toiling on the ground to be able to have such a property, to be able to build such a nice house, to be able to boast to other people of our achievement, but when this thing happens, nothing is too valuable other than soul…Unfortunately, even our souls cannot be rescued by this world.

So, where will we put our trust? our faith? our heart? Still onto this world? Really we still don’t understand!!

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, a striving after wind

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