The most important thing for the kids

I was born in a big family, seven of us! Five of my brothers and sisters are married and have at least one kid. So now, I have seven nephews and nieces all together (this number seems still increasing…). Each kid has different attitude, but one thing for sure, they do not really know what they need. They rely so much on their parents’ choices, typical kids! So, parents need to be wise in giving the kids anything…Further, kids are quick to learn the new things, some of them are innovators, but most of them are imitators; so, the parents need to behave in front of the kids.

Almost all parents love their kids, want to give the best for them, want them to be good children. But, please allow me to ask this, what is the most important thing for the kids do you think? Some might answer ‘good and expensive toys’ that can help them to build their intellectuality, some might say ‘beautiful stuff’ so that they do not feel underestimated by their friends, some might say ‘books’ so that they learn to love books since in the very young age, some might say ‘love’ so that they learn how to love others, some might say ‘music’ because the parents love music so much hoping the children can continue what they have started in music, etc etc etc… but, let the parents think for a second, is that what they really need?

To be honest, in writing this post, I am not in the position saying that I am an expert in raising children, no no no… I don’t even have children yet, not even get married yet…ups, now you know the truth! This thought came into my mind couple of days ago when I saw lots of profile pics of my friends in facebook are the pics of their children. I was seeing their care and love for their children, so beautiful!! I told myself at that time, ‘what a beautiful life for the kids would be if the parents introduce them to Christ since in their very young age’. I know some of them already did.

I remember a friend of mine took picture of his first child with electrical guitar…that’s so cute pic actually. He told me he wanted to introduce the child to music as soon as possible, so later he will love music like the father. I was saying at that time, ‘that’s fantastic, but wouldn’t it be more fantastic if the very first thing to be introduced to the child is Christ?’ Before we ended our conversation, he said thanks for my suggestion. Later on, I saw the pic of his child with a book titled ‘the bible for the kids’ as his present in the first birthday of his child, isn’t it beautiful?

I was staying in my sister’s place for about two years since her first child, Judika, was still a day old baby until a 2 year kid. You know, the first thing Judika learnt after saying ‘mamamamama’ was crossing the fingers like to pray, even before he knew how to say ‘papapapapa’ hehe… The mother taught Judika to cross the fingers before having meal three times a day, so when Judika saw the mother holding a small plate, Judika would cross the fingers. In his 1 year, he knew how to pray, I remember his prayer ‘tatitu (Tuhan Yesus  – Jesus Christ) dadada mmmmamm…amen!’

Many times I remember my childhood, I always thank God for my mom, because of God’s grace, introduced us to Christ since we, the children, were very young. My mother subscribed a bible story book/comic each week. Each week had different stories about great people in the bible. As soon as each edition each week arrived in the veranda of our house, the first person having right to read the book was my oldest brother, then the second brother, and finally to the youngest child. I am the sixth of seven, so you can imagine how many days I had to wait to be able to read that book! When I still read the old edition, my brother already read the new release…!

For those raised up in the Christian family, we really have wide opportunity to know Christ. The next generation also needs to have at least the same opportunity as we have. I am not saying that the children do not need toys, or books, or nice dress, etc, but they really need Christ to be introduced to them as well. If we could realise that our love for our children is nothing compare to the love of Christ for them, we’ll realise that the children deserve to know Christ.

The most important thing for the kids

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