The more you know him, the more you love him

Human beings are not perfect creatures, even though they are created as the image of God. It means humans have many limitations even though they behave as if they can do all things. In understanding the universe, humans cannot fully find what is happening in it; in overruling the world, humans destroy it rather than take care of it; in any relationships, humans fail to have the genuineness; in loving others, humans are only able to give temporary and conditional love rather than eternal and unconditional love.

I had conversations with few friends having relationships and family. I asked whether they love their partners, and whether the more they know their partners the more they love them. Some of them only smiled and some hesitated to answer it straight away. I remember talking with my sister around 2 years ago about her husband. She said, ‘I never stop learning about his character, the more I know him, the more I see imperfectness. I pray to God that I can still love him in his imperfectness’.

Many relationships end after several years. There are many reasons behind it. One of them is because the partner cannot stand with the imperfectness of the other. So ironic, isn’t it? Why do we hope for the perfectness of others if we know that we never find it on humans who are unquestionably imperfect? Yesterday, my housemate shared the sad news about her friend who got divorced even though they just got a baby. ‘The baby or kids even cannot bind the husband and wife together’, I told myself. But honestly, I am not judging other by saying that. I only want to point out that because humans are imperfect, the more we know about them, the more we get disappointed to hope more than they actually have and give.

In comparison, God is perfect, really unblemished in every thing he does and plans. He never fails, never!! The more we know him, the more we’re amazed of him and admire him. In any relationships, we can ask him to give us heart and mind to be able to stand in any imperfectness. We ourselves cannot do it alone, really, remember, we’re not perfect!

The more you know him, the more you love him

6 thoughts on “The more you know him, the more you love him

  1. Erik says:

    Enta… haha comment disini ah..

    Pakabar di Bali??

    Interesting blog about relationships.

    Just a thought.. Better motivation to love (the imperfect) human is the grace of God. We who have experience the love of God (which is weird/amazing.. while we were his enemies, he lay down his life for our sake), can love others that way, not because we are imperfect ourselves (although that is also a fact). Because as we grow in our knowledge of God and godliness we dont want to ignore/menyelepekan sin/imperfectness, tapi we still love the sinners, as God does.

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      Hi erik,,,,
      Bali aman bos!:)
      thanks buat comment nya yah…
      yups, bener banget ya…jadi dasar kita mencintai adalah ‘the grace of God’…hmm….so you mean Christ itu jadi teladan kita dalam mencintai…we are imitators of Christ…:) thanks again erik..

  2. ilaini says:

    i’m not fully agree with ‘the more we know someone, the more we see its imperfectness’… i think by knowing people more, we can also see more of his/her positive side that make them perfect… just a though of mine.. trying to think positively about anything.. or it’s just a naive?! ^_*

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      Hi again Ilaini…thanks so much for your comment, yea, may be I am too unfair to emphasise ‘the negative side’ of the people and forget the positive side of them…I learnt from you to be ‘more’ positive…:) again, thanks

  3. Nice post,kakak!

    Semakin kita mengenali seseorang (even orang tua sendiri), kita semakin menemukan cacat dalam diri mereka. Tapi kita sendiri pun tidak sempurna. Manusia pada dasarnya cuma bisa saling mengecewakan. Tapi lagi-lagi itu semua untuk membuat kita kembali memandang kepada Sang Pencipta saja, yang memang paling sempurna.

    Terimakasih kak, saya sangat terberkati dengan postingan ini 🙂

    1. entasimanjuntak says:

      Hi Dwi…thanks udah spent time baca post ku…seneng banget!! Puji Tuhan kalo dwi terberkati jujur saja waktu nulis ini juga ak sangat terberkati…hope orang lain yang singgah di sini juga terberkati…:)
      btw, you have a nice blog as well, tadi liat sekilas, tar ak berkunjung ke blog mu…:)

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