Are you looking for A Real Hero??

I watched ‘Wolverine’ couples of weeks ago…still clear in my mind how Logan performed as a hero while Victor was one of the bad guys who at last changed to be a good guy. Logan then was becoming the real hero in the movie. In a heroic movie, it is easy for us to admire the good guy who becomes the hero. Generally, there are certain characteristics of a hero in movies, such as helpful, brave, strong, and last but not least…handsome…:) . If I ask you to mention the characteristics of your hero, most of you might answer similarly as characteristics I listed. But then if I ask you one more question, do you think we can meet heroes with the characteristics we listed? Or is it only in the movie?

People are struggling with many kinds of injustice in this world. The wicked are prosperous, while the kind is getting down. The liar flourishes, while the honest is put to death. Where is justice? Where is the hero to bring justice as what the movie promises? Where is the hero who usually helps people?

Humans cannot stop looking for the real hero. They long for justice, but don’t know where to go. Some do go to people who can do many miracles, some go to devil who immediately gives anything they ask for, some go to money and richness which can give many satisfactions, and some even do not go anywhere. But do they find their real hero?

Human being is a funny creature. It is given brain to be able to think, heart to be able to feel, eyes to be able to see, ears to be able to hear, and body to be able to act. Using these brain, heart, eyes, ears, and body, humans can do lots of things, except one thing which is to find the real hero. Isn’t it funny? Humans can heal the illness, reduce the birth rate, enhance the economic condition, but they cannot avoid death. Isn’t it funny?? Humans can think and predict, but do not know exactly what happens in the future, isn’t it funny? So why do humans boast as being humans? Humans cannot be real heroes for themselves. This is another funny thing!!

Having understood their condition, some humans keep trusting themselves, even though they know they have many limitations in many ways, some give up and do nothing, but some find the right way, which is to come to God who is in control of everything. But then, you might say, where is God when every injustice happens in this world? My answer is that He is not a kind of hero like other worldly heroes, who come, help, and go or death. He is not a hero who only saves people at the certain time in a certain place but forgets other people in other places. He is a hero who knows everything happening in this world. He knows and works in ways that we cannot understand, we cannot clearly see. One thing for sure is that He saves people through Jesus and offers eternal life for those who believe in Him.

My final question for you is ‘are you still desperately looking for a real hero’? God has given you a real Hero, Jesus, who nails all sins onto the tree. ‘Blessed are those who believe in Jesus’.

Are you looking for A Real Hero??

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