Thank you God for Giving Her for Me — Part 1

Staying away from her parents since she was very young made her experience many things contributing to her wisdom. She is not perfect, that’s for sure, because none is perfect, but she learnt many things in this life so that she is wise enough to run life.

She was born in a great family where the father was a priest. Unsurprisingly, the family moved more than 5 times a year from one place to another. However, in the age around 40s, her father passed away and the economic condition of the family started to be unstable. Having 11 children without stable job of the mother made her sell things to survive. Sending younger children to be cared and provided by the older child became one of the solutions of economic problems. Therefore, she stayed in her sister’s house since she was very young.

She grew following the common phases as most of the people did. Her teen run so great, having lots of friends, enjoying beautiful youngness, being excited to try many things, falling in love with some guys, enjoying kinds of naughty things. Nothing is special about her experiences; the thing that made her different was that she learnt to be mature and independent since in the very young age.

In many conversations, her talks always ended up with the expression of how much she loves her mother. To be honest, she was not given more affection compared to that given to other daughters, remember that in the very young age she was even staying far from her parents. When I ask what makes you love your mother so much, the answer is always ‘your children will easily know how much you love them, even when you (the mother) do not say it; your action, care, love, are the most significant signs for them showing that you love them’.

Besides experiences, right understanding about God also is one of the aspects contributing to her wisdom. As mentioned before, her father was a priest. Preaching the Gospel to several areas was his duty. Since she was young, she has been thought to be a good Christian. The father often took her with him whenever the father preached the Gospel.

I have to admit that she is not always standing firm as a good Christian, I am afraid. Getting busy with her seven children as the result of her marriage with a guy she always loves, in many times, made her forget about God thought by the parents so easily. But God loves her so much, so that He did not leave her even she did not pay attention too much about Him. And now when all the children grow to be adults and almost all have their own families, her relationship with God is even strengthened. Knowing that now she has many limitations in protecting the children because the situation of the children having their own families and all of them are staying far from her make her surrender everything on the hands of God.

What she learnt from parents about God she applied to her family. When the children were young, some were in primary school and some in junior high school, she thought the children to spend time to pray together in the evening after dinner and in the morning before going to school. Even though this activity cannot guarantee that the children will always grow in a good relationship with God, but at least the children were thought to remember that there is God who is in control of everything…to be continued.

Thank you God for Giving Her for Me — Part 1

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