What do I really want?

I watched ‘twilight’ yesterday with my housemate. She likes the movie, really! In only three days she watched it 8 times already…almost twice a day! Well, for me, the movie is alright, quite romantic, and dramatic, but watching it once is enough. I remember a friend told me that she was alright to be a girlfriend, even a wife, of a vampire if the vampire could give love as what the movie showed. Unbelievable!

To be honest, I always remember the section when Bella was saying she was ready to be a vampire…She said she knew what she really wanted…Well, regardless to be a vampire or not, I don’t care, that section reminds me of what in this world I really want. I remember when I was asked by a friend in school what course I wanted to pursue in the university, I was just saying that I didn’t really know what course I was interested in. At the end I chose a course and tried to enjoy studying it and then liked the course.

Do you ever find difficulties to figure what you really want? To be honest, I do. A friend asked another friend couple of days ago this question: ‘if you are given 1 month off from your work or study and you are provided with really much money, what you will do? He then answered that he wanted to travel all around the world, just to have fun. But then, he was not sure with the answer. He was not sure whether he would have much fun by doing that.

Some might say ‘you don’t need to know what you really want, just enjoy every second of your life’. Well, to some extent, it is probably true. But it is also good if you have something in mind that you want to achieve in the future so that all you do right now is going to reach that goal. Isn’t it more beautiful and enjoyable? Isn’t it in every plan you need to put the goal first and then to pursue it? Or you just run the plan whatsoever?

If answering what I really want is already difficult, how if someone asks me what I really need? That is even more difficult to answer. Many times I think I need something, but then my life is just running well even though that need is not fulfilled. So at the end I know that I don’t need it. Do you ever feel the same thing? Besides it’s difficult to say what we really want and need, there is another problem. What will happen if when we know what we really want, we are not sure whether it is what we really need and vice versa. What a life!!

What I see regarding the need and want is that when someone knows what he/she really wants and need, he would do whatever it takes even something that is extreme and crazy!! So, make sure that what actions you’re undertaking in pursuing what you want and probably you need, you know what it takes and what the consequences in your future life.

What do I really want?

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