Will we lose our creative people??

I read Kompas, a well-known newspaper in Indonesia, online this morning. One of the headlines is saying that Singapore is chasing excellent students from Indonesia to be granted scholarship and then to be employed for certain period of time for Singapore’s Government. These excellent students are including those who were the winners in Physic Olympic competition. They are granted not only tuition fee in the universities they are interested in, but also banking credits without particular bonds. Singapore makes it easier for them to be studying. If you want to know more about this issue, click here

Of course these offers are very interesting in the situation that Indonesian Government does not offer that much easiness for them. Indonesian Government pays most of attention to political situation that is even worse!! If this matter is allowed to happen, it is not surprising that there will be a time where Indonesia loses much of its creative people!! And that’s so sad!! The fact that Indonesia has plenty of natural resources and more than enough creative people to manage that nation is unquestionable. However, it lacks of patriotic people who loves it and wants to strive for the sake of it. That’s the saddest part!!

Besides lack of attention for students who have noble achievement in education, education system in Indonesia also cannot financially support those who are excellent but cannot afford the tuition fee. Look at some universities, such as Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesian University, and some others universities! Campus autonomy makes them only places for people who have lot of money instead of have creativities. I am not saying that the admitted students are not creative, but those who are creative but do not have enough money to pay the tuition fee must get out of those places!

On the other hand, Government’s subsidy for education is still not much even though many times it has been increased. The attention for human resource development must be a focus in the development system if Indonesia does not want to lose more its creative people. More creative people have been easily grabbed by other nations since long time ago…A lot of overseas students reluctantly go back to Indonesia even after finishing their studies because the condition of economy that does not support their capability. Some say ‘going back to Indonesia after going through tough education experience in other countries will kill ourselves’.

Why these creative people are needed to go back to homeland?

Indonesia is experiencing lot of problems. These problems cover every side of development. These problems have no shape and it is already too complicated. Creative people, or let’s say those who have knowledge, if they are treated well, they can contribute much for better Indonesia. They are agents of change. We have to admit it!

What to do then?

Those who are patriotic do not need any incentives to be willing to go back. But there are only few of them. Improvement in economic situation can potentially be an incentive for the others who want to go back. However, the most effective solution that can be done (in my opinion) is to treat well the existing creative people by giving many kinds of support and sponsorships in their education. Providing many kinds of scholarships with certain conditionals would be great to keep the creative people to contribute to Indonesia. Therefore, education subsidy should be increased more. Besides, quality of education should also be enhanced by improving the quality of teachers.

Will we lose our creative people??

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