What on earth that can save you?

I was slapped by today preaching!! It really reminded me of what on earth I am here for (I am borrowing the famous sentence of ‘Rick Warren’s the purpose-driven life).

Let’s discuss from the beginning…

When I was in kindergarten and primary school long time ago (don’t ask me how old I am now,,,🙂), teachers keep reminding us, the pupils, of some wisdoms such as ‘diligence is the beginning of being smart’, ‘being thrift will bring you to be rich’, ‘always be the best’, ‘put your dream as high as possible and then strive to gain it’! These wisdoms were aimed to motivate the pupils to study hard and to strive to be the best by competing with other students in obtaining higher marks and achievement in school. Until now, it is not uncommon in all schools (let’s say in Indonesia) to announce the best students in front of the entire teachers and students and then to regard them as models for their peers. Simply, all students were dreaming to be the best!!

Recently, Students even are spending almost all their time in school and tutorial classes in order to achieve certain kind of achievement to become the best in school. The parents seem do not have lot of choices, they have to spend large amount of money for academic education of their children. Isn’t the good achievement of their children indeed also their prides?

When they then continued to the higher level of academic education, let’s say to the level of university, being admitted in prestigious universities is another pride for the parents and for the original schools as well. That’s why it is common that the noble schools are valued by the quality of the alumni. So, I’m not mistaken to say that diligent students always become the pride of the parents as well as the schools.

After completing the study, they then are looking for the job. The more well-known company that you are in, the more pride you’ll get. The more salary you earn, the more notable you are. You will easily become the model of community where you are living. Being famous, rich, graduating from the prestigious education institution, and having lot of property become dreams of almost all young people. It is because they (or we) grow in that kind of morality!!

I remember a friend told me that it’s too bad for me to be a civil servant where I could only earn low salary…’you can’t afford to buy a car, a house, travel all around the world by earning that amount of money’, he said. I am not blaming him of saying that. For me, he just has another perspective of life. Again, I want to press that this world teaches us certain moralities that are becoming benchmarks for us in measuring the successfulness in life.

What did today preaching remind me?

Today preaching was about ‘proverbs 1-4’ of the Bible. That proverb is picturing a father giving advice to his son of how to live life with full of heavenly wisdoms. I noticed that the father does not tell the son to be rich, to be famous, and to be well-known like what the world tells us. It says ‘fear God’ to get wisdom instead of ‘earn money to be rich’! The father also said that the wisdom is the only thing that can save the son, not richness and famousness.

I am wondering…are there parents keeping advising and facilitating their children to be wise or to obtain heavenly wisdoms instead of to be successful in terms of worldly measures?

I am also thinking, what on earth that can save me other than God’s wisdom? Is that Richness? Education? Famousness?

What on earth that can save you?

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