Peace makers instead of money makers

I called my mom couple of days ago asking her whether she was alright being alone. We’re a bit worried for her condition after our sad loss of father. I rang her many times but still could not be connected to. In the evening at that day, I got a message saying that her mobile’s battery run out. She also didn’t have access to electricity power to recharge it since she’s in a political campaign.

This reminds me of Indonesian Election Day that will be held on 9th April 2009. My mother was accompanying my cousin whose father in law is promoted to be one of the Indonesian representatives candidates that would be chosen in that Election Day. He is making long journey only to get enough voices to push him up to the representatives’ chair. Holding a public campaign that big needs a great amount of money. So besides sacrificing that much money, he also has to sacrifice time, convenience, safety, energy, etc in order to achieve something more precious until the next four years if he is chosen.

The discussion about how much money the representatives get while they are holding the title “citizen’s representatives’ is recently emerging in many range of public discussions. Just now, I got an email from a friend forwarding another friend’s email which showed the calculation of approximate salary gained by each representative’ member. Regardless the validity of the calculation, honestly, that’s a huge of money.

In the situation of Indonesia recently, I am still confident to say that there are still some great people who give much but demand less and sacrifice a lot but gain little. They are the ones who deserve to get all the respect and honour. Indonesia needs those kinds of people who are brave enough to tell/do the truth and fight against lies. But the question is, if they do promote themselves to become one of the representatives, how to acknowledge them? And yet, will their idealistic views stand until the end of the devotion period in case they are really given the opportunity? I can’t really answer my own questions. Politics is too complicate to be understood.

I was just thinking, what life would be if the only goal of this life is having or making money. We are meant to be more than money makers, but rather peace makers! Life would be more valuable by not being greedy, but generous.

Peace makers instead of money makers

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