I’m asking myself of what I have done to my God

Have you ever heard about this sentence, ‘before you ask what your country has done to you, firstly ask yourself what you have done to your country’. The similar question is just the title of this writing.

I read Job 35 when Elihu, Job’s friend, is saying that wickedness and righteousness do not affect God, doesn’t He have everything? He then says ‘if you do a wicked thing, doesn’t it only affect the man like yourself, and if you do something righteous, it is also only for the man’. (Job 35:8). Then I was telling myself, nothing I did to make God put me into His account. Every good thing that He gave me is only because of grace.

I said ‘every good thing’, didn’t I? Probably there will be a big question of what about ‘suffering’, ‘injustice’, ‘natural disasters’, and ‘wars’, ‘death of body’, and kind of things. Are they good things or bad things? Many get disappointed of God because of those. But do we ever think of why God allows those kinds of things happening? Many people ask ‘if God is powerful and mercy, and kind, why He should let all bad things happen in this world? Many even run away from God because of being disappointed.

The ‘why’ probably needs the answer. Have you heard of ‘the fall of the man?’, when Adam and Eve eat the fruit that was prohibited to be eaten? This fall makes the world is full of sins, imperfect, different from what God have created. Remember that He is not only powerful, kind, merciful, and loving, but also just. Sins always have consequences, death is the final consequence. But then what He did to save the world to show his love and just at the same time? He let the world fall into sins and curses, but He sent His only Son into the world to save those who have faith in His Son, Jesus, as The Savior. This is the only way to keep Him as the loving and just God.

I am a kind of person who forces God to do this and this and this to me so I will call Him my God. I am a person who does not understand that He is God and I am only a man. I am a person who does not treat God as God, but treat me as the god. How awful I am!

He has done everything to save me. What have I done to Him?

I’m asking myself of what I have done to my God

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