Plagiarism? Is it just a cruel thing or even a poison?

Two days ago I was visiting some friends who lived in an apartment. After having quite deep conversation about politics, I was invited to watch movies together in the house. A friend set the dvd player and we were watching. On the way back home, I was thinking something that I ever thought before, ‘plagiarism’.


I was in a warm conversation with my housemate 3 days ago. We talked about many things until finally our chat addressed topic about watching movies. I told him that I wanted to rent some dvds before uni began. “I downloaded many movies from the internet. I even can’t save anymore into my external hardisk cos it’s already full”, she said confidently. “So, I have more than enough to be watched”, she added. At that time, I was thinking that I am fool not do the same thing as she’s done, downloading movies from the internet. Sounds such a good idea. But then I realised that it is unlawful


A year ago, I bought many plagiarised dvds from a store near my house. I did it without feeling guilty since buying plagiarised dvds are very common even though it is unlawful. So I don’t need to buy the original ones, too expensive. Plagiarism is not an issue that I concern so much at that time.


Studying in Australia has opened my mind about plagiarism. Education system that keeps tight the principle of plagiarism has made me realise how important ‘the originality’ is. I can’t imagine how mad I will be if someone declares my work as his/her work, and get benefits of my own work without getting permit from me. It is stealing! The same thing will also happen to those who have put their money and time to produce something, but then their money and time are not regarded.


I was watching Oscar couple of weeks ago when I was still in my country, spending the summer holiday. One of the movies produced in Bollywood got 7 Oscars if I am not mistaken. How did they do that? Even Hollywood movies are rarely to get more than 4 Oscars. Of course, there are some. I am not trying to under estimate Bollywood, but I guess that is an enormous achievement. After watching that Oscar, my mind was going to the reality in my country, where appreciation to one’s creation is still rare to be found. In the past, when the plagiarism of movies are still scarce, movies production was advance, far more advance than that nowadays. People choose to buy the fake one rather than the original one. Then how the movies production can survive? How artists can still be continuing the production if it is not profitable anymore? Isn’t it to our whole benefits if movies productions get advance and grow?


An issue that is concerned so much by urban planners recently is the principle of “creative city”. They are sure that creativities in a city can draw city to a better condition. People should be facilitated to be creative and innovative, not only artists but anybody that produces something innovative. In the situation that plagiarism is still not concerned, how to successfully create a creative city? How to produce better community?

Plagiarism? Is it just a cruel thing or even a poison?

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