Like a Chicken That Dies In a Rice Barn

This is my second month in my hometown, spending holiday with mom. The loss of my father makes my mother cannot be alone, need accompanies whenever she goes, until she gets used to it. During these two months, many times I heard people sigh, because almost every night the lights put out. It is because the electricity supply is not sufficient for all households in that town. My mother said that there is only one supplier of electricity and the source is not from the town, but from the capital city.

My hometown has three big waterfalls – Siguragura, Siboruon, and Pandumaan. Its location in the middle of Barisan Hills makes it has many potential waterfalls to be energy sources. I am not saying that I have good knowledge about electricity and power station, but I guess having three big waterfalls should have not let the electricity of a small town runs out. I put the term ‘Like a Chicken That Dies in a Rice Barn’ for this case. Even though we have plenty of resources, but if we don’t have ability and capability to manage them, those resources are useless.

The same case also happens to Toba Lake, the biggest lake in Indonesia, even in the Southeast Asia. Tens of years ago, the water of this lake could be drunk. Unfortunately, recently, not only the water cannot be drunk because of the pollution coming from the wastes of fisheries, but also the water consumed by the people around the lake causes many diseases. The worse thing is that the effect of the pollution to the ecosystem of Toba Lake. If the Toba Lake damages, it does not only bring damage to the lake, but to all the lives connecting with it, including surrounding people.

The term ‘Like a Chicken That Dies in a Rice Barn’ is not only addressed to my hometown, but also to Indonesia as a whole. I am not to mistaken to say that we, Indonesians, have everything we need, but unfortunately, we don’t have ability to manage them. Plenty of natural resources should have make Indonesia is a country where the lack of food does not exist. But, the fact is that it exists and is in almost everywhere in Indonesia.

Like a Chicken That Dies In a Rice Barn

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