my values??

This morning I woke up a bit early, 06.00 am. On Sunday, i usually wake up at 8 and spend around an hour to prepare myself before going to the church service. But, today is my turn to serve as an usher in the the church, Pelita Church. Therefore, I need to arrive at church at 8.30 before the pelitans come. But, yea, waking up 6 still seems too early. I don’t know why, suddenly I got up and couldn’t continue sleeping šŸ™‚

I made the bed, boiled water to make a cup of tea, and prepared breakfast – my routine morning activities. While having breakfast, I decided to watch morning tv shows – I don’t usually watch tv on Sunday Morning though, because I get to go to church. But, as mentioned before, I got up a bit early so that I had around an hour to watch tv.

I opened one of the tv channels and there was a show named ‘choices’ (just now I searched it on the internet and found it here). With the theme ‘self-esteem’ (if i am not mistaken), it examined lots of things that potentially shape someone’s ‘the self esteem’. Many people underestimate themselves as a result of many things, such as the past hurts, bad experiences, comparing themselves with other people, world’s values, etc. As they grow, many of these people still dwell in their ‘inferior self-esteem’ and can’t find the way out. The often consequence of this inferiority is lack of confidence.

What this program was trying to say was that every person in this world is unique. I remember the host convincingly reminded the viewers, “there are around 6 billion people in the world, and there is only ‘one’ you. You can’t find even one person that is exactly the same as ‘you’. You are not an accident to exist in this world, but God the One who creates all things and makes purposes of all people’s lives”. This ‘Choice’ program was very encouraging!! One thing that I really agree with was that it provided the best solution of how to deal with the damaged self-esteem, which is ‘to strengthen the relationship with Him, Our Creator. No other solutions are more powerful than that. When we realise that God is Our Creator and He makes all things with purposes, how meaningful this life will be.

It also reminded me that my values are not determined by this world, but by God. I often consider my values from the perspective of this world. Let us make a small review of what common values of this world that successfully make people lose their mind and kill each other: having lots of money, having big eyes and soft skin, having long black/blonde hair (just like in the advertisement), having lots of achievements, having big house, having lots of savings, having beautiful voice, having sexy body, etc, simply ‘having anything that other people don’t. And sadly, most of people chase these values that again make us at the same time feel unvaluable if we don’t have any kinds of these values. This world has cheated us!!

But what this program reminded me was that those are not my values. They are too small to be my values. My value is to be a dweller of heaven forever and ever, for Christ has died to make it true. My value is to get the salvation through Jesus Christ that is incomparable with other invaluable worldly values. is that comparable ‘having eternal life and ‘having much money’? They are incomparable. The previous is far far far valuable of course. And I thank God for giving me that very precious value.

my values??

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