longing to go home

After calling my family just now, as usual I feel very happy. Nothing makes me so happy in this world but knowing that everything is fine with my family.

For only around 7 months staying far from them, I missed lots of great moments happening in my big family,,, I haven’t seen two new nephews and one niece born while I am here, couldn’t attend my sister’s wedding, can’t directly give supports to my youngest sister facing the job’s tests, can’t see my first nephew and niece grow and play, can’t chat with my oldest sister as usual at night before sleeping, can’t see my mom bathes my new nephews and niece, can’t chat with my father who is not in a good condition,,,lots of things…:) very sad to realise that so many important things in my family that i missed…

But, i thank God for letting everything run well with them,,,

My family is growing on and on and on in terms of numbers… 🙂 Having three nephews and two nieces is something challenging and beautiful, but the distance becomes very annoying,,,:). I remember when my sister texted me to say that my new nephew from my third brother was born normally and everything was going well with my sister in law, I was very happy and called them immediately. I thanked God for that great thing. Not that long after that, around three months later, one of my sister delivered a baby boy. I re-thanked God for His great blessing. Again, for the third time, my first brother got a new baby girl. “How abundant His blessings in my family”, I cried after receiving the news. Knowing all this good news, I very much thank God, but at the same time very sad for not being able to see them.

My mom and dad came to Jakarta to see my new nephews and niece and will stay until the next month to be able to attend the wedding of one of my cousins. I remember my mom said she became a “nurse” and a nanny for all her grandsons and granddaughters. She is very happy instead of getting tired to take care of them. Even though spent lots of time to help my sisters in law and one of my sisters to bathe the babies, to feed them, to change the cloths, to sleep very late at night, to play with them, etc, my mom must have a wonderful time.

My father is also getting well. I should leave my family 7 months ago in the situation that my father was not that well. I was worried even more after knowing that he was staying in the hospital for some weeks. But, I thanked God that He was with my father and gave strength to my mom to take care of my father. Now, knowing that both of them are fine is so much relieving.

I really want to finish this study as much as possible and go back to my country and my family. Sometimes, i can’t wait any longer to be with them…

longing to go home

2 thoughts on “longing to go home

  1. entasimanjuntak says:

    hey again uneng,,,so happy to find you here,,,thanks so much for giving your time to read my post.
    Well, it depends on someone’s priorities, i guess uneng. Some people do that, putting the family first then God. But, I put my family as the second priority after ‘relationship with Him’. For me, God is always the first and other things follow. also, I found that healthy relationship with God will positively affect the way I run my other priorities.

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