A “to-help-you-to-be-happy” class

This afternoon a friend suggested me to attend a “to-help-you-to-be-happy class”. To be fair enough, I guess I need to keep the exact name secret, so that no one feels being judged, i avoid it!! But i just want to share what I was thinking after knowing it.

She said “the class will help you to absorb the energy from the place around you and flow it through your body. So, at the same time you will feel immense happiness that you’ve never felt before. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach the maximum result, which is happiness. While you are doing it, you can play a slow music and let yourself gives the best smile to your heart. Make sure you are closing your eyes and keeping the mind empty…”. She continued to explain me all the tricks that should be followed. To make it more real, she even practiced the way we should do, the position of body and legs, etc, very detail. “If you routinely do it each day, each morning is the best time, you will feel happier, more patient, self-controlled…”, she then ended that conversation.

Well, of course this is not the first time for me to be informed about this thing. In my country, there are many groups doing the same thing, though they name their group differently. But i guess the principle is just the same. But, again, i refuse to be a part of these activities. It is just like meditation as such.

After doing quite deep conversation, what was coming up in my mind was not “why don’t i try it?”, or “what a great thing!”, or “I might be far happier by following what she said”, but rather, the other way around, “it’s very scary!”. One thing that made me really scared is that “you have to make your mind empty”, and let your heart takes in control. “What??”, i cried. When you let your mind empty, that is the best opportunity for something to feel in the space of your head, and no guarantee that it is a good thing, isn’t it? But, she said that it’s the most important requirement to have the maximum result, again, happiness!! Further, she convinced me that this routine exercise makes her full of devotion in praying to God.

I remember a full-time minister in my first uni told us that these activities are not right from the perspective of the Christianity. But, honestly, I am not that easy to judge people of what they are doing. Therefore, in the next day, I consulted this matter with another full-time minister in my current uni, and found the quite different answer from the first perspective. He said that this activity to certain level does not matter to be followed, because sometimes it can help us to be calm. However, in a more advance level where our mind is empty, it does not help us anymore, but rather danger us. Because at that level, we keep our mind empty and let our heart work. By doing that, we feel that we are closer to God, but in fact, it does not guarantee that we are closer to God. Which God can be near in only an empty mind??

I learnt that God is already close, as close as a prayer. This prayer can be done with heart and mind at the same time, praying is not only about heart, or about mind, or both, but about all the body, heart, mind and everything that we have to come to God and do conversation with Him. Therefore, I do not need to empty my mind to become closer to God.

There are many ways that people offer to help other people to be happy. Sometimes the mission is not “to help”, but rather “to cheat for the sake of money”!! I am not saying that this activity, whatever the name, is deceitful, but I am not too mistaken if I say that it becomes unclear which one is correct and suppose to be followed and which one is deceitful. So, I choose to come to God without attending and even becoming a member of “to-be-happy” class, but rather, strengthen my relationship with Him, who is the only one that can give me happiness, not other things.

Prayer is enough to make me happy, calm, and closer to God.

A “to-help-you-to-be-happy” class

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