Four days ago, precisely 17th August 2008, Indonesia celebrated its 63 years of independence day…It’s actually not too young for Indonesia to be able to learn as a nation, but also not too old if we compare to other nations that have more than hundred years of age, even though we cannot measure the maturity based on the age. 63 years Indonesia tried to become an independent nation, but 63 years as well it failed to be a good nation for its people…failed not because it cannot give anything to its people, but failed because of the failure of its people,,,very sad!!

Four days ago, still clear in my mind, The Consul General of Indonesia in Sydney, when I was attending the ceremony, strongly reminded us the participants that “this independence was not a gift, but as the result of fighting against the colonialist to get the victory”. This statement of course is supposed to mean a lot for Indonesian people. 63 years ago, our heroes stood in the front line without even looking back to their families, but instead, kept going and fighting on behalf of us. I am imagining, if they were still alive, how they responded to this nation, to the people who only know how to destroy, but don’t know how to fix and fill the freedom.

When three young girls brought the flag to be flied, there was a deep silence in the field. All the participants looked paying attention to them. I myself was waiting for the moment when the flag was spread out, when the flag was ready to be raised confidentially, then “Indonesia Raya” was sung bravely.

“Indonesia tanah airku, tanah tumpah darahku Disanalah aku berdiri jadi pandu ibuku Indonesia kebangsaan ku bangsa dan tanah airku Marilah kita berseru Indonesia bersatu, Hiduplah tanahku hiduplah negeriku bangsaku rakyatku semuanya Bangun lah jiwanya bangun lah badannya untuk Indonesia Raya Indonesia Raya merdeka merdeka tanahku negeriku yang kucinta Indonesia Raya merdeka merdeka Hiduplah Indonesia Raya

I like this moment so much, besides because I love the song which is very encouraging, looking at the flag makes us, let say me, proud of being an Indonesian, being a part of very diversed nation having hundreds of ethnic groups with their own languages, living in thousands of islands but being united in one nation one language one flag. very proud!!

When the flag successfully flied, I whispered myself, Thanks God for letting me be an Indonesian…

After ceremony, there was a fellowship among the participants. That was the good moment to talk and say hello to anybody we didn’t know. The consul general spared the time to talk and encourage students who were studying in Australia, particularly in Sydney to go back to Indonesia after finishing the study. He said “go back and do something for the sake of nation”. I have to admit that that moment was very touching…I imagine lots of potential and excellent Indonesia people study abroad and then decide not to go back to Indonesia for the sake of prosperity, welfare, and comfort that other countries offer. Well, it might be true, nobody wants to stay in the uncomfortable situation when there is opportunity to go to other places which are more comfortable. But, if everybody thinks like that, why don’t we sell this nation then? let us sell and stay in other countries together!!

But this is life, temporary life. We’ll never feel comfortable enough whenever we live,,,different place, different problems. No place offers full of happiness but heaven!!

anyway enough for that! back to basic!!

Another interesting thing in that one day event was that in the middle of the fellowship, there as an Aceh ( a province in Indonesia) dance by Australian kids. Imagine, Australian kids!! They looked very excellent doing it; no wonder, they learnt that dance months and months!!! How do they love Indonesia, oh let say Aceh dance, that much?? Even myself won’t do that exercise that long!! How do they like learning something Indonesian but we, Indonesias, don’t?? But at that time, I was reminded how rich my Indonesia is and how amazing that unexplored richness should be in the creative hands of people who commit to explore it.

Then, the last words I want to say before going to sleep tonight, I love you my Indonesia!! Merdeka!!


2 thoughts on “Merdeka!!!

  1. entasimanjuntak says:

    Hi Abyou, thank you for coming to my blog and making comments. Your comments are very encouraging for me…Thanks as well for understanding what I was feeling in writing this blog…If you come to Asia, make sure you pass through Indonesia 🙂 You must like it 🙂

  2. abyou says:

    🙂 I loved your text and I understand what you’re feeling. I’m from Morocco, I’m still living in my country but I think that I will leave it sooner or later. Like in all the “undevelopped” countries, there are a lot of opportunities missing here, so we have to abroad to look for them and try to realise our dreams and exploit ourselves the best we can. All my friends are in France or Canada but my passion is for Asia 🙂
    Anyway, good post, I found your blog randomly and I liked it. Good luck! 😉

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