Let us think!!

In the last semester, I took a subject named Transport, Land Use, and Environment. One of the lectures which was held on the week 3 discussed about “transportation and spatial organization”. Spatial organization here then was explained in terms of world division. When the slide showed how the world divided into core, semi-periphery, and periphery illustrating how the export and import of products become significant factor in the world transportation system, I was very disturbed of the map, really! Indonesia was categorized as a periphery country. What I was feeling at that time was mixed, angry, sad, and also agreed. How come Indonesia was categorized at the same level with most of the African Countries that even food is very rarely found?? My heart was beating so fast! Unbelievable!! You might know about this fact, tough I know that it’s true, I still couldn’t accept that!!

Let us make calculation! First, Indonesia has plenty of natural resources either unrenewable or renewable that can be used to consume internally or exported. What natural resources that cannot be found in Indonesia?? Oil? Natural Gas? Steel? Gold? Silver? Rubber? Rattan? Timber? What else?? Secondly, Indonesia has more than enough people to work, either qualified or unqualified human resources. Do you think 220 million people are not enough to work together to develop the better Indonesia?? Thirdly, Indonesia has beautiful nature that can enhance tourism activities. Which parts of Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, that are not potential to be tourism places??? Fourthly, Indonesia has fertile soil that can be cultivated. What kind of vegetations that cannot be planted? Even when you plant a timber without any fertilizer, it will grow not long!! What else?? Weather?? We don’t have winter, but only have dry and wet season proving that we don’t need to feel cold. Don’t you think it’s not a paradise?? Well at least, a world paradise. But why it is a periphery? Why there are many people die because of lack of food?? Why it is one of the poorest countries in this world?? Why it’s too difficult for people to get better education?? Why too many people die because of no sufficient medication ?? Why farms become dry when there are many water resources?? I couldn’t stop screaming!!

God gives us so perfect country to be live in, enough food to be produced and consumed, plenty water to be used, millions people to work together,,,,But we fail!! We very apologise God!!

I wrote this not to find who should be blamed, I just want to express what I was feeling when that fact was reminded and showed plainly in that class last time. The problems are too complex, we know it, the system is broken terribly, that’s also we know, how to begin repairing, that’s the only thing that we don’t know. Let us think!!

Let us think!!

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