Tassie, what a beautiful place!

Three days ago I arrived in Sydney after doing a fantastic holiday in Tasmania. A week seemed like a day! Let me make a detail about this trip.

In the middle of the last semester, I and three friends planned to have holiday together. One of my friends told us that a friend in Hobart would go back to Indonesia during semester break. Therefore, it was the best time to stay in Hobart without any difficulties to find accommodation since that friend’s room could be occupied while he was in Indonesia. Excellent! After going through stressful final exams, we organised our trip and departed smoothly to Hobart.

By using taxi (ups, not because we had lots of money, but only because we didn’t know that place and no one could pick up us from the airport), we reached the place in which we would stay. Nice place! A big room with the window facing to the beautiful view, perfect kitchen with dishes and stuff, enough bathrooms, nice housemates, two heaters and electrical blanket that will protect us from the bad weather, and of course enough money to be spent. Before starting the adventure matters, we made a small orientation in the house to make sure that everything was fine. This orientation was very important to know the rules in the house including where and what should be done and what should be avoided. Perfect! We understand in an instant!

At the same day, we visited ‘Hobart Information Center’ to get all the information and recommendation about which places should be the best to be visited. Well, as students we had very limited fund and again there was only a week time to explore! So, good plan is a must!! They informed us about several tours that were possible, in terms of time and money, to be visited. Joining a tour is definitely money consuming since everything well-prepared is usually very expensive! Well, no other choices, no one knew how to go there and yet the places that they offered were quite far from Hobart CBD. After going through despairing negotiation (it is not usual to make negotiation in joining tour anyway), we decided to join three tours, Tasman Island Cruise, Frecinet National Park, and Mount Field National Park. Maybe it sounds very few, but honestly, it grabbed our money quite much! Remember, we are students! 🙂 And yet, each tour covered several places, therefore by joining these three tours, we could visit almost all the interesting places in the south part of Tasmania. We missed one of Tasmania icon, ‘Cradle Mountain’ which is on the west part of Tasmania because we have to stay a night in Launceston (4 hours from Hobart) to be able to join the tour. And of course, it needed even more money. So, we skipped it immediately!

The first tour, Tasman Island Cruise, was in the next day, and that was the most expensive tour! Therefore, enough rest at night was the best choice to be able to enjoy that tour completely rather than doing night gossip section. If you are female, you’ll understand what I am talking about. If there are two or more females, having a chat until late at night is very common! However, we had to restrain our gossip appetite for this time otherwise we lost our money! In fact, small chat still existed that night, but fortunately we all understood that we ought to stop and sleep!

The next day, we were picked up in the very early morning and traveled to the a cafe that provided us breakfast. Hm,,, it is very well organised, isn’t it? Not until half an hour, we were then taken to the starting point of that tour. A small cruise had been waiting for us. After finishing wearing cruising cloths, we then jumped to the cruise and were ready to go.

“Wow, awesome”! I cried. Around three hours we were taken to see many massive rocky islands, watched how seals socialised with others, and were hoping to see whales (the guide convinced us that there were three whales a day before). With full of courage, the guide explained many things about these rocky islands, how they appeared, how long they have been there, what animals usually stay there, how the rocks were formed and made certain shapes, etc. I didn’t really listen to him anyway, taking pictures and enjoying those extraordinary views seemed much important. “How God created such a wonderful place?” I could not stop thinking. Unfortunately, the weather was extremely bad. Heavy raining accompanied by wind made us have to stop taking pictures until it eased. Lot of wind shook our cruise terribly and made me almost vomit. But it was not long, the weather changed so fast, from heavy rain and windy to sunshine and calm. After three hours, we were taken to the shore and that’s it!

The second tour was Frecinet National Park. To be honest, this tour was a bit boring since almost all places visited were beaches. We can see many fabulous beaches in Sydney! Only ‘Wineglass bay look out was the exciting place (Wineglass Bay is one of the best beaches in the world). We were only taken to the lookout because no time to reach the beach.

The third tour was the most exciting one to be honest. We went to the top of Mt. Wellington and Alpine Lake Dobson in which I saw and touched the snow for the first time, again for the fist time!! Though Mt. Wellington was extremely windy and cold, i could spend around an hour to look around and took lots of pictures while some friends decided to go back to the bus because it was too cold outside. “I don’t want to leave this first snow soon” I said. After the guide convinced me that we would go to another snowy place, I moved on and went back to the bus happily.:-)

The next snowy place was Alpine Lake Dobson. That was the most miraculous place even more! The lake was surrounded by mountains covered by snow. Some parts of the lake was frozen, some melting. It was an excellent view. In this place, the snow was more soft and clean; seemed like not many people visiting it. Yet, this alpine was not as cold as Mt. Wellington as the wind was not blowing crazily! We could spend more time in this place and enjoyed the view far more than that in Mt. Wellington. Some friends created snowmen, some breathed the fresh and cold air, some threw heaps of snow to one another, while others laid down on the snow peacefully. I myself was busy to take as many pictures as I could.:) “This will be my memorable first snow”, I said. Then we went back to Hobart happily.

Besides these three tours, we also spent time to look around Hobart and bought some Tasmanian traditional things from “Salamanca Market that is always held every Saturday, just like The Rocks in Sydney.

All in all, my time in Tasmania will be a nice memory. If there are time and opportunity, I will go back to finish my mission in climbing its “Cradle Mountain”.

Tassie, what a beautiful place!

6 thoughts on “Tassie, what a beautiful place!

  1. entasimanjuntak says:

    Thanks sten for visiting my blog. Thanks very much for the suggestion. you’re right I need to put photos in this part like what i did before.hehe,,,next time i wont forget to put some. again, thanks
    God bless you too.

  2. (bhs indonesia aja y) – sambil download game (hehehe..)

    gw suka blog lo k. bahsanya sangat filmis. gw bs ngerasain apa yg lo rasain, apa yg lo liat (terutama bagian ‘first snow’-nya itu)

    tapi, ada yg kurang… lo bilang lo berusaha ngambil poto sebanyak2nya.. stidaknya tampilin satu poto dooong… biar tambah apdol!! tambah ajiib getoo!!

    (skrg bhs enggris)
    It felt so overwhelming when you realize God allow you to find your own puzzle of life! God loves you sister!

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