at last,,,a holiday!!!

This semester is completely over, thanks God! pfuh!!

Have you ever missed holiday so much? If yes, you know exactly what I am feeling now, extremely relieved! A semester passed after successfully torturing me. But thanks God, You didn’t let me keep in my hardship, instead, gave me spirit and strength to move on…will this semester be a happy ending story? let us see the next section, when the results are informed! grrrrrrrrr!!!

The semester break has been running for a week, there are still 3 weeks left…. I can’t stop counting the days!!!! Time goes on so fast!

For almost a week, I mostly stayed in my room, listened to musics, chatted on the internet, slept whole day, called friends, and did my other pleasures. But of course, sometimes spent the time by hanging out and shopping with friends… Life was definitely beautiful!!! You probably don’t believe me if I say that I often forgot times and dates during this semester break, my time was really unscheduled! But it was fun!! Sometimes we need to let times run without being scheduled…don’t we?

Next week I plan to spend a week in Tasmania with friends. I’ll write a story after coming back… CU next week!!

at last,,,a holiday!!!

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