Puttputt Game

It is difficult to consider others more significant than us like what the bible says. We, or almost all people, think that we are the ones who deserve to get more than others, better than others, higher than others, more significant than others, being praised instead of others, etc. Do you agree that every person is self-centered? Thinking that their problems are far more important than others? Again, I was reminded about this fact yesterday, when I and my friends did a small competition. Through this competition, I got new awareness in looking at life more wisely and carefully.

Yesterday, I and some of my friends spent our whole day to hang out together. This kind of activity is a method to strengthen our fellowship. By spending time, having fun, shopping and then having lunch together, we were hoping that we knew each other better so that the quality of our fellowship becomes stronger and warmer.

We’ve planned this event since couple of weeks ago. Most of us agreed to do puttputt, which the area is close to Hombush. It is quite far though, around 1 and half hour driving. However, fortunately some of friends offered their cars so we all could be part of without any difficulties.

It was very fun anyway. Even though it was my first time to do puttputt, I enjoyed it very much and of course I was not too bad to manage the ballJ. Well, I learnt very quickly and could control the ball. Many times I was struggling to put the ball into the hole, but sometimes it was easy; perhaps I was luckyJ. Indeed, it was definitely fun!

To make it clear, it might be better if I can briefly describe the rules of the game. Most of the rules are the same with those of the usual golf. The way we hold the stick and our body position in hitting the ball directly to the hole are just the same with the usual golf. However, the stick is not as long as that of usual golf and the ball is not as big as that of the usual golf. There are many shapes of challenges that the ball must face to enter the hole. Some of them are: a thing like unstopping windmill where the ball must not hit the mills to be passed through, the different topography of the field, the statue with the small hole where the ball should go through, and sort of things. Simply, we must be able to predict how hard we should hit the ball and what direction should be chosen so the ball may pass the challenges successfully and finally get into the hole.

But what I want to share with you is not about how to put the ball into the hole of course, instead, how to support others to perform better and to not fail. Do you get what I mean? Let me explain in more detail. In that game, every person wants to be the winner. Every person hope that other people would fail while they themselves hope can successfully put the ball into the hole. In other words, we’ll be the winner if others do lots of mistakes and are not able to make the ball get into the hole. I remember some of us yelled ‘yes!’ when a friend who rarely failed could not make the ball into the hall, which means reducing his score. Extremely, when someone successfully put the ball into the hole in only once hitting, others were not happy, instead, hoping that next time she/he would do mistakes and reduced her/his score.

At that time, I was thinking how life was the same as it. We do not want people successful more than us. We want to be the only one who gets it and hope others are beneath us. Everybody wants to be the winner, wants to conquer, and wants to be the only one. And of course that’s the root of many kinds of sins.

However, in contrast, God remind us the Christians to consider others than ourselves, support others to become the better people, to help others to do their best, and to help others when they are struggling with many kinds of mistakes, just like what The Christ did. However, it is definitely not a simple matter, needs God to change our bad deeds day by day.

Puttputt Game

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    hehhe,,thanks for visiting my blog. i also like your blog, but i am just wondering whether that blog is yours or your huband’s,,,hehehe anyway, good blog.

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