time indeed goes on

it’s been more than 5 months I stayed here, but it seems like still a week ago my family took me to the airport with a reluctant heart to let me stay apart from them for a while.

Time really goes very fast. I didn’t realise that many assignments spent lots of my time and my energy as well. This first semester indeed forced me to give lots of efforts. Besides have to adjust with the new environment, new climate, new culture, I also have to adjust with the new education system which is far different with that in my country…But, it’s almost done. Still have 2 more assignments and 1 exam left.

This exam will take 50% of total marks, so it’s a bit stressful and scary as well. I prefer doing assignments to doing exams, honestly, because doing assignments are far more flexible in time management. I cannot imagine I have to struggle in 2 hours exam answering questions, very scary! And one thing that makes me a bit unconfident is the language. Sometimes it’s very difficult to express something in English as it is not my first language. Well, I know it’s not the reason to be unprofessional, but it really matters!

Anyway, just like fairy tale, i want this semester ends with happy ending,,,

time indeed goes on

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