Quiet but Elegant

Have you ever put your own words to describe something? Sometimes it is very hard to find the perfect statement to fully describe a place, a moment, happiness, and sort of things. This time, i try to describe Canberra as a city that is quiet and elegant, hopefully you agree with me.

Let me tell you why i choose ‘quiet ‘ and ‘elegant’ words to describe Canberra. This opinion, surely not argument because I haven’t proof it with an academic evidence, it just came out when I visited it couples of weeks ago.

It was my first time to see the only planned city in Australia. My visit was more because of the curiousness, ‘how the Australian planned city looks like?’ I asked myself. I hoped i could find something special that made lots of people visit this city. Let me tell you what I am thinking after visiting it, regardless whether it is fully true or not, this is only again my opinion. Canberra is only a city, just like other cities. If we talk about Sydney, we can easily say that Sydney is rich with its awesome beaches or Melbourne with its memorable gold mining, or Queensland with its amazing Gold Coast. But what about Canberra? What amazing things that we could find there? Let me answer it, it is really a quiet as well as an elegant city.

The World War Monument of Canberra

I have some reasons of saying this. First, its story is very interesting. Canberra means ‘meeting place’. In the past, there was a dispute between Melbourne and Sydney, as two major cities in Australia. Therefore, both would not be a capital city because by choosing either Melbourne or Sydney, it could generate a big ‘war’. Canberra then was chosen to be the Capital City. The designer of the city was selected through a worldwide competition. Canberra is the city having the very unique history, the place of peace!

The Biggest Australian Flag

Secondly, Canberra keep the biggest Australian Flag, on the roof of Parliament House. It means, if you want to see by yourself the biggest Australian Flag, you can only find it in CanberraJ. Thirdly, Canberra’s Museum is the most complete and fabulous museum in Australia keeping any kinds of historical features. And the shape and color of the building is wonderful even though I don’t have genuine talent on artsJ. The fifth reason is that its world war memorial monument is awesome! There is similar monument in Melbourne, but this is bigger and more elegant, I am afraid!. And the last thing, it is hard to find a crowd of people in Canberra. It is the most quiet capital city i have ever found.

The Library of Canberra

Despite I spent only 12 hours tour to Canberra, I learnt many new things.

Quiet but Elegant

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