How do you define freedom?

I read an article on the internet explaining what freedom means and how to implement it. One interesting statement that inspired me to write this post was that the author stated ‘freedom is control of self’. After reading this statement I stopped my reading and began to think. “Why does the author use two opposite words at the same time to define one word? ” Do you notice it? She used ‘control’ to define ‘freedom’, doesn’t freedom mean out of control? Isn’t freedom FREE? Why did the author say freedom is control of something?

Some people probably will say that freedom is the condition of being free to do anything we want to do, to say anything we want to say, think anything we want to think. But on the other hand, some people may counter it saying that when you do, think, and say like that, doesn’t it mean you may limit other’s freedom and other doing the same thing as you do also limit your freedom? So it does not really mean freedom then!

Or some may argue that freedom is the exemption of doing something. But it can be countered by doesn’t it mean that ‘the something’ is taking control of you, so it is not freedom then!

so what is freedom?

I go back to the statement in the previous paragraph saying that freedom is ‘control of self’, I am really impressed by the statement! By saying that you are free to do, think, say anything you like, ‘the anything’ is at the same time taking control of you. But when you control yourself to chose what is appropriate and not, you yourself is taking in charge, and that is the freedom.

So, my definition of freedom is “free but responsible and reasonable”! it means that it is a freedom when you make considerations of doing something and know whether it is good for you and what are the consequences for you. Be careful of the term ‘freedom’, because when we are wrong to define it, it will never be a freedom.

How do you define freedom?

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