My New Big Family

Can you seen me? which one?:)

It has been around 3 months I played, shared, laughed, talked about God with them. It is really the wonderful chance to be one of them. My new family is named Pelita. Just the same with the name, it is a light for everyone who joins in. They are friends that encourage me when I am down, who grow with me in Him, who know what is the best thing in life. I learn much from them. They make me remember and miss my family, Para Navigator, when I was in Bandung. They both influence me in searching the really truly “Truth”.

I knew Pelita when I was attending an “O week” in my uni. Someone, unfortunately i forget her name, gave me a number of Ci Lilis, who is one of the Pelita’ ers. She then invited me to join their fellowship on every Friday night. Since then, they become my new family. My hope is that this relationship will last forever though I go back to Indonesia.

Now I have many brothers and sisters besides my “original” brothers and sisters:) how happy I am, aren’t I? Many times I thank God for these great blessings. Now I understand why my heart told me to choose UNSW when I was attending English training of ADS awardees in Jakarta last year before my departure. I really didn’t understand why i should choose UNSW that compared to in other universities in Oz, Universities in Sydney and nearby areas undoubtedly need higher living costs. So, one of the answers is that I will have a great new family here instead of more saving. Well, that’s better of course!

My desire is that while I am in here, around one and half year, I want to make the most of my days either in my academic experience or in my relationship in Him.

My New Big Family

2 thoughts on “My New Big Family

  1. entasimanjuntak says:

    Thanks Nat for visiting my little home,,,thanks for the comment as well…i guess most of pelitans feel the same thing as we feel…:) God’s plan is good for those who put their trusts in Him…:)

  2. God’s design is always amazing indeed! sometimes we couldn’t figure out things until we looked back and reflect in what has happened with our life.

    I felt the same as you do when I think again why instead of going to Canada (my 1st preference), I ended up in Sydney! I believe it’s all God’s works through FOCUS people at O-week in leading me to find this wonderful family in Christ at UNSW where I can learn more how to walk in HIM while I’m still living under the sun 🙂

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