Finding a new community in a new place?

Living in different places makes me realize how much precious and important the role of community where I join in is. Meeting new friends, even though it is not always easy to do, is definitely a blessing. They are people either to whom I can share my love, care, and help or conversely, who will help, care, and love me. But finding a community where I will feel comfortable with is a bit tricky. It involves emotion, energy, mind, etc. For some people, it might be not a big deal; even they enjoy it very much. Yet, some people can easily adjust with new situation while other should give lots of efforts. That’s why many times I praised God for this beautiful variation in life.

If we live around our beloved families or friends, finding new communities or new friends is not as important as if we live far away from them. Imagine, we live in new situation, sometime new culture, and new people. How can we manage living without making friends? For some people like me, that’s a truly big problem. So, how can we make friends then?

Based on my experiences – surely, I am still learning, let yourself live your comfortable zone is the first step to find the new community. Keep staying in this comfortable area in some cases is not good, even destructive. Simply, begin something that you think it won’t happen when you don’t act first. It probably forces you to sacrifice something that you are reluctant to sacrifice, ‘your comfort’. However, indeed, it worked! Of course, we can wait until someone or people start first, but in many cases it rarely happens.

The latter is keeping in touch, in other words, following up. The friends that we meet and chat for the first time won’t be really friends if we finish that conversation at that time. But of course, we can decide whether this relationship will be continued or not based on our conversation and this first meeting. But, note that our mind and feeling can cheat us in assessing people only based on several minutes. Then, start giving our contact number or email seems a good idea.

The next thing is arranging the next meeting or joining them, if it is a community, in their other activities. In this step, we can feel far better and far comfortable because the bond between us has been sewn. When we repeatedly do the same thing, undoubtedly we will have many friends!

These are only based on my personal experience and feeling. It could be different with what other people feel. And that’s why life is not flat or uniform; everybody feels and thinks and learns uniquely.

Finding a new community in a new place?

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