A blessed 27th birthday

Today is a really blessed day for me. I didn’t expect this very beautiful moment before, I didn’t even ask God to give me such an unforgettable night….That was truly a surprise!!

It has been so long that I don’t celebrate my birthday with families or friends. But it is still clear in my mind the day I celebrated my 13th birthday. Mom cooked special dishes and my family sat around and prayed together. Even though I did not get any present, indeed, I was very happy.

After finishing my junior high school, I stayed in a dorm and only had time to visit my family twice a month. So, celebrating birthday was not as necessary and routine as before and my birthdays passed by without trace. I began feeling nothing in passing through them though still got cards and calls from family and friends. But, once I got into 21, the age thought by some people that someone comes into truly mature age; there was a very small birthday celebration with my housemates, small but beautiful. Since then, I realized that birthday is not only a matter of physically a party or celebration, but rather a matter of gratefulness of all the grace that I’ve got. With or without birthday cake and candles, birthday should be full of thankfulness.

Tonight, I am immensely very happy because I got both, candles and the heart of gratefulness. What a big gift, isn’t it? Even though my ‘truly’ birthday will be in the next two days, I have felt the spirit since now. Thank you all my friends in Pelita for this special night… It means so much to me.

A blessed 27th birthday

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